575338_498262196905803_970521826_nI was driving home late one night after meeting my sis’s new arrival, a beautiful little girl. It was a scant three months after losing my own son, and as the darkness closed around me and the empty, open road. So desolate was this stretch of highway at 1am, that even the radio refused to pick up a station. I felt distinctly alone. I gasped for air as the tears threatened to overwhelm my vision, and my heart ached for my loss. I began to pray for guidance and comfort with nothing more than an “oh, God, oh, God” on my lips.

Just then, eight bars of heavy metal came across the radio waves, loud and clear as if I was still within city limits:

“You are not alone / I’ll hold you when the road is rough / I’ll be right here when things are tough / You’ll never be alone…”

I almost pulled the speeding car over to the side of the road, so stunned I was.

* * *

I listened to a pastor talk recently about the importance of a personal relationship with our Maker, and I definitely think that is true. Some people find a deep and profound spirituality with sports, or charity, or some other act that really speaks to their heart. Some people sense God clearly guiding them, others see Him in the uncanny, in the coincidental, in the karma and kismet evident in their daily life. However it is, it’s a personal message that helps shape us into the people we need to be.

I’ve always heard Him in music. The first example is only one of many. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have been driving down the road, or doing something else while thinking about a challenge I’m facing… when suddenly, at the most unbelievable moment, the radio blares some such snippet of a chorus or verse that says exactly what I need to hear in that moment. Or a chord progression that moves my heart in great, unusual distances.

Like last night, I was mentally wrestling with the difficulties of forgiving those who have deeply wronged me — why I have a hard time letting my internal sense of Justice take a rest, why I feel so weak and like a pushover when I offer forgiveness (if it’s the Right Thing to Do), why I am still — repeatedly! — hashing over dumbass details and why it is hard to just Let Go.

No sooner than I ask myself these questions, then the next THREE songs on the radio are about Forgiveness: the importance of it, the peace offered by it, and the strength of it.

Thanks, God. I read you loud and clear.

And I’m a better {happier, more satisfied} person for it.


One thought on “Music Answers

  1. Your are blessed and being blessed. HE is letting you know he hears you and loves you very much,. What a great share. it goes along with my own beliefs.

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