I spent the day on the mountain with my boys. We were busy planting oats for our cows’ winter feed. It was a long day, a blustery day, and we were exhausted by the end though satisfied with a good days’ work.

I was reminded of a song a fellow band-mate plays on occasion, about leaving the land and going to work “in tall buildings.”

About how we all think the cubicle job is the way to go.

About how we subvert everything that we are, how we stamp out the beautiful uniqueness of ourselves.

About how we forget the simple pleasures that make our hearts soar.

I saw a post on Facebook the other day about scheduling your priorities versus prioritizing your schedule: how you should make a list of the things you do that give you joy, peace, and fulfillment… then you should make a list of the things that you actually do every day and compare them.

And adjust if necessary. šŸ™‚

I think if more of us were honest with ourselves about our heart’s innermost desires, and how those fit with God’s path for us, we would live our lives very differently.

Standing here on this mountaintop — at the end of one long and tortuous chapter and at the beginning of a new and wondrous one — I realize clearer than ever beforeĀ that this is what I want most:

  • Music, and LOTS of it.
  • Family
  • And the love a good man wants to give me.

Anything else {friends, success, wealth, power, chocolate-peanutbutter milkshakes} is just gravy.

And I’ll be happy forever if I can have my hands in the dirt and never have to go back to work “in tall buildings.”

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