Photo by Morgan Donner, from my audience appeal piece at An Tir’s Kingdom Arts, Sciences, and Bardic event, March 2014.

There’s an idea in Classical music, where the music is the centerpiece. Where if you get out of the way of your art, it will speak volumes to those who need to hear it. Where if you allow yourself to be a mere conduit for your craft to pass through you to your audience, it holds greater power.

Because it’s not the performer who matters; it’s the audience and their experience that does. You don’t touch your audience; your craft inspires personal meaning for them. Your notes resonate with events in their own life. Your song helps them make sense of their own world, uncovers forgotten memories, inspires the heart.

The more I play, the more I perform, the more I see it’s not really about taking center stage, it’s not about making a living. It’s not about wresting accolades for your own ego and pleasure, or any of the superficial things I see too many others falling into.

It’s about vanishing. It’s about becoming the song, while the song lasts.

It’s about sharing something meaningful.

* * *

This year, my musical goal is to share. To give my gifts to the universe with joy. To get out of my own way and shine so others can see their own way.

No more performances. Just me, with words on my lips and a tune in my hands.


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