It is finished.

I know I have been remiss in posting about my last few events since the birth of my son in October, but suffice it to say that these last months of my term as Kingdom Bardic Champion have been filled with smiles, stress, success, and satisfaction.

Here at the end of my term, I find myself grateful and privileged to have spent a year among the vibrant company of bards whom bless my Kingdom. I am proud to say An Tir is beyond wealthy with such musicians, storytellers, and entertainers who have such enthusiasm for their art, and such generosity of spirit to share their gifts with others both in performance and in education. It has been amazing to meet everyone all during this whirlwind of a year. ❤ And it has been an incredible experience to see bardic arts GROW and BLOSSOM throughout the realm!

The great cloak had grown heavy upon my shoulders, my arms were weary from carrying the Horn, for the hopes and dreams and aspirations of a Kingdom’s dreamers is no easy burden to shoulder (though a happier one I would be hard-pressed to find). Yesterday, it was my great honor to pass on the cloak to An Tir’s newest Champion of Bardic, Master Owen the Merry — a playwright, actor, director, and storyteller.

And thus ends my year as Kingdom Bardic Champion. What a journey! I feel both grown and changed by the experience, in all the best of ways. I’ve sang for Kings and Queens, I’ve sang for the citizens, I’ve traveled odd roads, loved, lost, and somehow soared under the power of my own wings… Now to spend my days entertaining one bright-eyed wee one, passing on a rich legacy of hope, dreams, and imagination.

Photo by Morgan Donner, of "Morgan Donner's Sewing Party."
Photo by Morgan Donner, of “Morgan Donner’s Sewing Party.”


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