Not counting my new duties as a mommy, this is the first week where my sole work responsibility has been being a musician. I admit to being unusually satisfied over it, as it has always been a dream of mine.

On Monday, I wrote lyrics to a new song, got a new student started, selected songs for my Worship presentation on Sunday, and managed my new Etsy store. And, I practiced. Total hour estimate: 4-5.

On Tuesday, I practiced for 2 hours.

On Wednesday, I worked more on the new song, adjusted my online teaching schedule with The Zoen. Hour estimate: 3.

Yesterday, I took on two more students, worked on that song, and practiced. I also promoted my teaching skills. Hour estimate: 3.

Today I plan to practice for another couple of hours, do some more online promotion, and get cracking on a special CD bundle I’m working on for an author’s special project (can’t say much, but it’s exciting!). I am thinking today I’ll squeeze in another 3 or 4 hours.

First week totals? Roughly 15 hours. Not bad! And the best part has been that it’s all been enjoyable. I could get used to this… 🙂



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