I have been remiss!

But in my defense, the month of October flew by so fast it felt like I had no room to catch my breath… and here we are, practically at the end of November, and I still haven’t caught up on my Bardiness. It shall be remedied…

Baron’s Ball (Wastekeep)

This was a big event for me, being (literally) days from giving birth to the Miniature Bard. It was a baronial change-over, where we welcomed our new Baron and Baroness to their thrones, and thus there was a LOT of pageantry, mirth, and general merriment. I did a little bit of playing, but by the end of the day on Saturday, I was bushed. It was hard to sit through court, and I gratefully crawled my 40-weeks-plus-two-days bulk into bed that night… only to be woken sometime in the wee hours, yet again, by more Braxton Hicks contractions (they get so annoying at the end of a pregnancy). Since I was already fatigued, and J. and I had wanted to return on Sunday, we just followed the plan and quietly skipped out on the rest of the event…

Little did we know that by 2:30pm that afternoon, Little B. had made up his mind that This Was The Day, and by 5pm that night he would be nestled in our arms, alive and well. ❤

(So, yes. I’m officially crazy. Some even call me a badass mommy. I went camping the week I was due, had a fabulous time despite the fatigue, and damn near got to teach a class on medieval/Renaissance childbirth. :-P)

Oktoberfest, aka. Toys for Tots tournament (Wealdsmere)

I did nothing, absolutely nothing of bard-work at this event, but for good reason: it was the Baby Bard’s first outing! After the triumph of bringing Little Mr. B home from the hospital, it took about two weeks before we were both itching to get out and see our friends. Oktoberfest gave us the very opportunity — J. could fence, and we could begin introducing Little B. to his extended family. It was an uplifting experience, even despite the awkwardness of trying to juggle motherhood (i.e. breastfeeding in public and constant diaper changes) in such a busy setting.

As You Like It (Akornebir)

Again, no bard-y work, but lots of fun, feasting, and fencing. Since J.’s rapier family as well as our local SCA family were all in attendance (and thus I had willing and eager child-watchers), I was able to don my rapier armor for the first time and jump in a few pickup fights. 😀 I was incredibly rusty and out of shape after my second nine-month break in two years, however, it felt great to be out there and was completely worth it for the smiles and encouragement.

Tavern Night (Lyonsmarche)

Little B. slept almost the entire event, and so I did get to let a bit of my bardiness out with some quiet time playing period instrumentals on my new musical friend — a Kala baritone that J. gifted me with. And fencing! I had recently finished a new farsetto (late 15th century Italian doublet) for myself to fence in, and I am pleased to report it survived my very first tournament with flying colors.

10469916_813965792002107_4294029237720341266_nI am on the left, Michael of Lancaster on the right.

But what’s that you ask? A Tournament? Did I actually compete? Yes, I did! 🙂 I completely sucked, because, hey, way out of shape/practice here, but oh man I did have fun trying to stab people. I even got one completely Epic win to prove that yes, I can best opponents, I just need more practice. 🙂


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