They say that babies “grow up fast.” And that “time flies,” and how this will be “the fastest year” of our lives.

I understood that, but didn’t really understand.

Little B is already a month old, and I am floored at how fast he is growing. He is the little “scientist in the crib” as he studies his daddy and I and our world every day, and even through the trials and frustrations of new parenthood, I am ever humbled by the miracle that he is, and embrace the joy of integrating him into our lives of myth, music, folklore, history, swords, guns, cows, and small-towns…


3 thoughts on “One Month

  1. It’s amazing how you never realized what you were missing until you have a baby. Not just your world changes, but you change as well. Motherhood give one an all to clear view of what the world is all about. A completely different perspective on things. Now you are seeing that. Now you understand where I was coming from when I did or said certain things. And that will only increase as time goes along. You have become, enlightened…I am so happy for you Heather.

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