(Catch up with part I and part II here…)

Step four: Assemble the gown!

Since I had used this pattern before, assembly went fairly fast. In just a couple nights, I had a close-to-completion gown:

1490Venetian 010Since I am (hoping!) having a baby here in a few weeks, I mentioned I decided to make some modifications to the bodice for ease of breastfeeding. I stitched the front and the back as two separate pieces — opting to put ribbon ties across the shoulders — and have the gown lace up the sides. I found an example of a Florentine gown that had side lacing  to support my cause, and since the Italians seemed to favor ribbons for tying on their sleeves to the shoulder of their gowns, I figured the addition of the extra ribbons to tie the shoulder straps together would hardly be noticed.

Step five: applying trim and finishing stitches!

1490Venetian 011I found some lovely cord trim on sale at JoAnn’s this last week, and decided it would be just the thing (with the addition of a few pearls) to adorn the neckline of the gown.

1490Venetian 012Applying trim is fun, but it does make one’s fingers quite tender. 😛

Other hand-finishing I did included using ribbon to protect the seams in the skirt at the side openings (covering the serged edges for a tidier look), and tacking down the bodice lining where it met the skirt (so it didn’t ride up, and I didn’t have to fight with machine stitching through all those layers).

Once all of that was completed, I stitched in the lacing rings. I had some small plastic ones on hand, and while, to be period-correct, I should have used metal, I decided plastic would be kinder to the fabric in the long run. Plus, they are hidden just under the edges of the bodice so they aren’t easily seen.

1490Venetian 015And, VOILA! A nearly finished gown!

I love how the corduroy gives it that lovely, soft, must-pet-the-fabric look… and how the silky taffeta shines through the opening in the split front. But wait! I’m still missing something…

On to the next installment…

Step six: sewing the sleeves!

6 thoughts on “1490s Venetian “mockado” gown, part III

  1. You inspire me. I started with my local SCA in the Kingdom of An Tir. I had my persona and my period and my profession as a healer. But mundane life gets in the way. Now that I’m grown up and mostly educamated, I might start up again.

    1. Oh you should! 🙂 We’ve had a lot of past SCAdians rejoin our local group lately and it’s been a ton of fun hearing all the stories, being able to go “ooooohhh, so THAT’s who did ____” and put faces to names. What kingdom are you in now?

      I totally hear you about mundane life getting in the way. 😛 It is definitely a juggling act at times! Since I won An Tir’s Kingdom Bardic Championship this March, I’m really finding that out, lol.

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