The third trimester has arrived, and with it, a cloud of melancholy.

Three months. Roughly 11 weeks.

While other mothers-to-be are busy drafting birth plans, laughing their way through baby showers, and rapidly finalizing plans for the time after, I am stopped cold in my tracks by the realization that this is it. That there very well could be nothing more after these few short months are up (and boy is time moving fast now…).

I feel… lost. Simultaneously, I relish and eagerly await every kick and squirm of this beautiful, precious child — and am annoyed at myself for making myself so vulnerable again. Too often it feels like I can’t breathe for the vicious, negative, doubting, fearful thoughts swirling in my head. Pregnancy the second time around has become a love/hate relationship, a trial to be endured. The fact makes me angry; I had so wanted it to be 100% joyful and beautiful and carefree like the first time, and I feel bitterly cheated.

People are overly eager in their camaraderie, however, their words hold absolutely nothing but spooky terror — how is a story of a relative who lost nine full-term children to various birth complications before she got to keep one supposed to comfort me? How is a story of a family who lost children, then the mother died during birth of the one who lived supposed to make me feel better and less worried? (How dare I even go through with this, knowing my husband could be left a widower with no way to care for a baby AND run the farm on his own?) How do tales of the risks, the complications endured, the discomforts and physical trauma experienced during their pregnancy and birth (not to mention all the other things that can go wrong with a child’s development) supposed to make me feel courageous and brave? How are these stories — which highlight all the loss and none of the success — supposed to make me feel like this is even worth it in the long run?

It doesn’t. I know these “helpful Heloises” mean well, but it just makes me feel like a certifiably crazy, flipping idiot in all my irresponsible glory for even wanting to try this again.

Eleven weeks.

Is it truly the beginning of the end as I fear?

I cannot stand this not-knowing.


3 thoughts on “Three Months, or, Is This All I Get?

  1. I very much dislike that those people told you those stories.

    There are encouraging endings out there, like Z is almost one! Another friend of my just gave birth to her rainbow baby while another is expecting her second rainbow baby.

    For me, crying helped release some tension from the worry. Praying might help, but that can be such a struggle on it’s own anyway. It is normal to feel angry, worried, and upset. Maybe find ways to distract yourself or to reassure yourself that baby bard is doing alright. I think I counted kicks five times a day at one point.

    Praying for all three of you!

    1. Yeah, I think a lot of people just don’t know when to be quiet. 😛 Or, they don’t listen to themselves and how they sound. Still hard, though. Normally it wouldn’t bother me — I tend to be an “Oprah” personality, lol, and so I’m used to it — but the closer I get to D-Day, I am finding I get spooked way easier than usual.

      I think of you and your family often. You’ve been such a blessing. 🙂

      Distraction has been a huge thing for me, it’s one reason why J and I have been so active in the SCA this year.

      1. Amen to all of that! 🙂 Distraction was pretty key for me too. You’ve got a lot of great friends to help you with that and is sounds like you’re busy with planning for events too.

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