Catch part I and part II here.

After dinner, the roving minstrel band returned to entertain us — again with more dancing in the streets! — and they were kind enough to let me join them on a few songs. There was merriment abound, and I was humbled when my Baron presented us each with one of his Baron’s Tokens for performing!

ATWW2014 038

Again I took to wandering, instrument in hand, and brought smiles along the way. As the dusk turned into night, I found myself in the “town square,” being asked to play a few songs with another group of bards who had set up an impromptu concert at the edge of the party. It was my pleasure, as the ladies were familiar with both the “Three Ravens” and “Pastyme with Good Companye,” and together we turned my humble solos back into the lovely multi-part madrigals they should be. 🙂 After a few more songs, I passed out a few of my Champion’s tokens as thanks and honor of their talent, and bid them my leave. Camp — and more pressingly, sleep — was calling my name.

Sunday arrived (again, bright and chill with MUCH humidity), and I greeted the morning with my customary period Latin hymns. As we began the packing up process to go home, I heard from several people that the morning concert was much enjoyed. 🙂

And then, we were on the road. Twelve hours later (again, well after midnight), we pulled into our driveway. I spent my final day off snoozing and catching up on the whole unpacking/re-packing for the next event process.

Things I learned?

  • Camp cooking is not my forte. This was our first event with our stove, and I’m still getting all this figured out. 😛
  • People love music.
  • People love pregnant musicians (the best part was when my Queen had to run up and fondle my belly, lol).
  • People smile when they see their Kingdom Champion out and about.
  • Laughter is fantastic.
  • And I think an honest-to-goodness vacation should be mandatory. 🙂

ATWW2014 031

The next event I attend will be Coronation, and I have quite a few ducks to get in a row between now and then (music to organize, music to learn…). Onward and Upward! 😀


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