Catch part I here.

Saturday morning at War arrived bright and chill. I have not spent much time on the coast, and so the high humidity really surprised me. Yet another reason to relish my nylon tent… 😉

Despite the damp, however, I had slept quite well and felt entirely up to my bardic duties for the day. I grabbed my instrument and donned my cloak, and met the rapier fighters out on the field for Day Two.

My husband versus Don Simone in a pick-up fight between melees.
My husband versus Don Simone in a pick-up fight between melees.

Later that day after the fighting was done, some of us stripped out of our garb and made our way to the beach.

ATWW2014 026Though the water was freezing, we had fun splashing about in the waves, and it was worth the trek across the rocky, burning strand to see my husband — who has never been to the beach before — giggling like a little boy as he and our friends tested their mettle against the waves. 🙂 I brought the guilele and camped out on the sand to strum a bit while we were joined by other friends for some fun and frolic.

ATWW2014 016Back at evening court I had the privilege of standing once again behind Their Majesties as awards were given out, both by Their Majesties An Tir and Their Majesties of the West Kingdom. Then one of the deputies of the West’s bardic Champion approached the throne to present a song to my Queen, and I managed to accompany her with some spur-of-the-moment strumming. It was awesome. 🙂

Part III to follow…


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