What can I say about my favorite baronial event that I haven’t already said? There were fantastic people, fun fights, accolades, pageantry, fun bardic at the late-night fire… Everything that really cemented my involvement in the SCA that very first event season to begin with. 🙂 And then some…

This weekend I got to stand in court with my Baron and Baroness — who also happen to be the new Crown Prince and Princess. I had a blast hanging out with them, and also getting a small taste of the fun it will be to be in their court after Coronation. 🙂 I did take this opportunity (since it was a “home” event, and a smaller event at that) to test out some ideas I’d had about incorporating more music into the experience. I had brought both my uke and my djembe to the event, and ended up using both during court. It was both fun and interesting to see how a strum to punctuate key moments, or a drum beat to accompany the approach of a member to the throne can add to the ambiance.

I do, however, need to improve my “song at the drop of a hat” skills. I definitely believe that a Bard — and especially a Bard with a rank and station — should be not only willing to entertain on command, but able, as well… Which, unfortunately, is an aspect of my performance skillset I’ve always had issue with. When I am asked to play, I either can’t remember the song I had prepped (aka. “Deer in the headlights”), or I can’t settle on a song because it has to be the “right” song for the tenor of the room. I must work on this. Maybe the answer is to prepare a bunch of short, instrumental pieces (or period pieces in Latin? Foreign language?) to yank out at a moment’s notice — so I don’t have the pressure of trying to decide quickly all the while quizzing myself on whether verse 3 truly fits the atmosphere.

sablebrushThe capstone was the surprise award I received for my involvement in the Arts and Sciences: the Sable Brush Award. This is a baronial-level award given to those who show both skill and commitment to excellence, and I was much honored to be a recipient of it. The artwork on the scroll is stunningly lovely. Svanna Ormr (the artist) is very talented! I am excited to hang it on my wall. 🙂

But best of all was simply the weekend off-time. J did some fencing, and I did do some singing at the small bardic fire, but after the intense last couple of weeks we’ve had at home on the farm, it was nice to finally have more than an hour or two to ourselves with few commitments and no stress: a nice and much-needed opportunity to recharge.

Until next time…

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