I am loving every minute of this Kingdom Bard thing!

This last week has really been challenging my creativity in the writing department — which is something I’ve been neglecting for the last couple of years, so I was glad of the challenge. At May Crown, our next King and Queen were selected by combat, and a couple weeks ago the call came out from An Tir’s scribal group that they need new award scroll texts for the soon-to-be new monarchs (because it keeps court interesting if the populace isn’t guessing the awards by the time the Herald has gotten halfway through the first sentence).

I’d been looking for some kind of creative writing project, so I volunteered my time and talents to helping generate some text for the newest award of our Kingdom, the Sable Gauntlet. It’s been fun, coming up with both prose and rhyme to honor the deeds of our talented fighters. 🙂

Performing during court at May Crown. Photo by Geneva Day.
Performing during court at May Crown. Photo by Geneva Day.

And all the prep for July Coronation — the next major event for my Bard-iness — is whetting my anticipation. 🙂 Our friends (who will be our new monarchs) absolutely love music, and have enthusiastically taken up my offer to help coordinate performances for their Coronation ceremony. I’ve already had a bunch of volunteers, and the list of specialties they command makes my musician-self absolutely giddy.

But truly the best part has been the compliments.

There’s just something… heartwarming? Satisfying? About being encouraged when you still feel like you’re floundering a little bit to figure everything out. Especially with a position like being a Champion, where it’s high-profile (a friend said I’m basically a rock-star in our Kingdom for the next year), and you want to honor both the importance of the position as well as the deeds, time, and care past Champions have put in.

Made my day. 🙂

So, it’s back to the writing board with me; the birds are singing their songs to me outside my kitchen window, and words of valor and honor are calling my name.


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