Situated in the wild woodlands of the Barony of Wealdsmere, this event was an event to remember.

I always enjoy Wealdsmereian events, as they have a pretty active bardic community, and this event was no different. In the early afternoon on Saturday I taught my Beginning Bardic class to an eager group of teens and a couple of adults — I am pleased to say it was by far my largest group yet! It warmed the cockles of my heart to see such eagerness in the realm of performance arts, and I hope I was able to answer all their questions (a surprising number, of which, centered around Kingdom-level competition).

Other bardic offerings included competition for their Bardic Championship, a Filk Contest, and a Bardic circle around the fire late on Saturday night. I was honored to be asked to be a judge for their Championship, and was well-pleased to see they had gone the extra mile in creating actual judging forms, because I am finding there is a pretty big gap between typical, Baronial-level bardic competition and Kingdom-level competition. I am unsure as to why this is, but it is something I’d like to see change. As things stand right now, there is interest in competing at Kingdom Arts & Sciences, but it is intimidating to a performer who is used to populace choice judging to have to generate research, documentation, and tailor a performance to a score sheet. I was honored to have been consulted for my opinion on this very matter by those who ran the Baronial Championship this weekend, and was pleased to offer my knowledge and abilities in assisting them however I can.

I enjoyed the Filk Contest as well — afterwards, for fun, I debuted a lovely filk I’d been granted permission to perform and it was received with much joy and acclaim by the populace. And though I grew quite weary by the end of my very long day (we’d traveled that morning, so it was a loooooong day) I put in the requisite appearance at the Bardic fire and enjoyed socializing and performing there, as well.

Dear Husband with his rapier at Baron's Ball, 2012. Photo by Thorkell Paulson
Dear Husband with his rapier at Baron’s Ball, 2012. Photo by Thorkell Paulson

But truly, it was my husband’s weekend, not mine.

After my lack of support during May Crown, I made sure to attend all of his fights on the War field (he killed lots and laughed lots). I always love watching him fence; when he’s out there, he glows, and it seems like such an infrequent thing during our day-to-day mundane life, it makes me so happy to see him in his niche. 🙂

On Sunday morning, he asked me for the honor of being his Inspiration for the Championship tournament (swoon), and I had the privilege of witnessing him win his first Championship. 🙂

He has come such a long way since he began fencing, and it makes me so very proud to see him pursuing his passion. ❤

The weekend couldn’t have been better.


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