Now, we’re getting somewhere. 😉

The first day of Honor War in the fair College of Lyonsmarche dawned bright and early, full of promise for the special day that it became. Honor War, like Baroness’s War, is one of my favorite early Spring events, although it being “early spring” in Idaho does mean we can expect some… interesting weather.

Thankfully, we didn’t see much out of the ordinary in the weather department, just classic “if you don’t like it, wait five minutes” cycles between rain, sun, overcast, and Deluge.

I spent the majority of my morning out on the warfield, assisting with judging for a heralding competition for the teams of the Battle Of Five tournament. I had the privilege to hear some creative word-smithing, but none like the team Legion, whom presented themselves with full drum accompaniment and an impromptu, introductory ballad sung by one of their fighters. Through the rest of that tournament, I watched as the drummers provided percussive accompaniment for every team on the field, and I observed the positive, attention-grabbing effect it had on all the spectators. Armed with my Bard’s Tokens, I knew what I must do.

At the end of the tourney, I marched (well… waddled. I hate to admit it but I’ve got a serious waddle at 4.5 months along with this pregnancy) myself over to them and politely requested to speak to all of them. I introduced myself, explaining my rank and how appreciative I was of their creativity in incorporating Bardic Arts onto the Warfield. They kind of gawked at me as I pulled out my Tokens and presented them as an expression of my favor for their efforts.

This, my friends, is part of what makes me so proud to wear the office of Bardic Champion.

I got the distinct impression that many of these players had never been recognized for anything before. One young woman even got a little misty-eyed as I pressed my token into her palm with a smile.  And here I was, just a humble musician myself, but bestowed with the power to say “Thank You” and have it really mean something.

It was a moment to file away in the mental scrapbook. 🙂

Later that evening, I also had the privilege of spending much of my time in the company of His Majesty, entertaining Himself and his retinue with various songs. I had a blast. Dodging the rain and cuddling up to the fire pit, I played until my fingers were sore and my voice tired. Oh, but such a wonderful feeling, and what fun company. 🙂 I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the day.

Sunday dawned overcast and wet, and I bundled up in my cloak to do something I’ve been having the push to do for the last few months.

As I have found myself more and more involved in my church, I’ve also felt more embarrassed that I miss so many Sundays. So, given my talents and given the venue, I learned some Medieval and Renaissance hymns. Armed with lyrics, I hustled out to the middle of the encampment, opened my book, and belted out some Latin praise.

My husband’s Don, who was awake and watching, said that as I sang the sun started to break through the clouds.

Mission accomplished. 😉

Thus ends another event as Bardic Champion, and I do believe I’m beginning to get the hang of this gig… 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Bard’s View: Honor War

  1. I sometimes wish we were more local to you so we could see you. This is such an awesome thing for you to be able to do. You are a very talented and caring woman.

    While praying for you guys I also wonder about cool future things like how does passenger #2 work with going to these events and what does baby bard get to wear? (Yeah kinda nerdy, I know.)

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment!! 🙂

      Granted, it’s not the same, but I do have some videos of my Kingdom Bardic performances up on my YouTube channel ( I hope to get more SCA footage up there as time goes on. And I’m sure there is a chapter near where you are — it’s an international organization.

      And you’re no more nerdy than I, my dear. 🙂

      Right now, our eventing schedule hasn’t changed, and being pregnant hasn’t really affected anything that much, other than I take up more offers for assistance carrying things or benches to sit than I typically do. The benefit of being in a Society that champions chivalric ideals is that there is NO shortage of people wanting to help if they see a need.

      I would have to say that the biggest change has been figuring out garb that will grow with me. I had done a tiny bit of that when I was pregnant with Michael, but over last summer I really nailed down the era I want to focus on which meant… more sewing, lol. And specifically sewing research. It was tricky to nail down good examples of what women wore while pregnant, you can’t just search for “maternity portraits in 1550” and come up with stuff, it take some looking. But I love the research, so it’s all good. 🙂

      As far as the future goes… The plan was — and still is — that the baby will come along with as often as is feasible. The events that run spring through fall *are* camping events, so for a time we would probably just day-trip or take up our generous friends on the offers to use their RV space. So ideally, things would continue about like they have been, with the exception that one of us would be watching Baby Bard (I love that!) while the other is busy. I had made some baby tunics and blankets the last time with my husband’s device on them that I hope to use this time, and when they get a bit older they’ll start being dressed to match our era. I look forward to a lot of sewing. 🙂

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