Coming soon…er… than anticipated!! Yay!

This morning I spent some quality time with my recording equipment and got lead vocals laid for my last two tracks on the new, upcoming EP, “Storyteller,” as well as some tasty backup percussion. Things are moving along at quite a bit faster pace than I anticipated — which is a good thing, because life is about to get truly hectic with spring farm stuff — and I’m debating about whether or not to move up the release date again. Still a little early yet to make that call, I’ve got a bunch of mixing to do and this time I’d love to get my hands on a track mastering program or iPad app, especially since the recording sessions for each song have been spaced out across the board (which makes keeping your settings consistent trickier than usual). But I’m happy and pleased and excited to think that things may be ready quite a bit ahead of schedule. 🙂

In other news…

  • I perform at the Grand Opening of the Blue Mountain Station in Dayton this Friday at noon.
  • I perform — in full garb!! — at the Whitman College Renaissance Faire on Saturday, at 11 and again at 1:30pm. I am quite stoked about this performance. I have a bunch of my own bardic material prepared as well as some period pieces and Celtic pieces both old and new.
Photo by Anna Davis
Photo by Anna Davis

And, remember that post I made a while back about my brief foray into artistic modeling? Anna Davis‘s show featuring myself and other beautiful, badass, modern warrior-women is up this week in Gallery II of WSU’s Fine Arts building in Pullman, WA. The closing Artist’s Reception is this Friday, April 25th, from 6pm to 8pm-ish. I saw some teaser pics she posted on Facebook yesterday and they are quite cool, well worth the time to go check it out!

It’s gonna be an awesome week and it’s only just Tuesday. 😀

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