We laid Michael to rest today.

20130504-125215.jpgIt just felt right; the sky was sunny and blue, the air was warm, a gentle breeze blew and you could hear the bees all a-working in the blossoming trees. A beautiful, beautiful day.

We’d talked about this event off and on since a few months after we brought him home, but it never felt right. J. said he envisioned a beautiful day, and today was that for us.

I thought it apropos that today was Easter Sunday, the day God conquered death and rose again.

I know Michael wasn’t in that little, blue bag of ashes. I know he hadn’t been here on this earth since J. watched him pass on the ICU table. But I really liked laying him down on Easter. I liked the homage to where he’s been since he left us: enjoying a beautiful life after death in Heaven.

But as we laid him in the ground and I looked at the beautiful Spring around me, I still cried. I miss him terribly, even now.

J. said a prayer when it was all I could do to catch my breath, and the final words were: “May we know each other when the time comes for us to meet again.”


Pieces of myself I didn’t know had been in motion stilled, and I felt a tiny bit uplifted as we walked away. Life has been pretty damn rough lately, these last few months have been a struggle. But on this day of Rebirth, with the new Spring all around me, I felt calm.

This isn’t all there is to our lives.

There is so much Love, and it transcends death.


7 thoughts on “The Life After

  1. I like the final words of J’s prayer.
    There is so much Love, and it transcends death. -well said, and very true.
    May you two be enveloped in love and peace.

  2. Just recently I read something that said “we don’t really know life until we know death”. Stuck with me. Prayers to you and yours.

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