It was a beautiful, sunshine-y day in the neighboring Barony of Vulkanfeldt (south-central Washington), and the company couldn’t have been better! Two words: epic weekend.

This was pretty much my first big event as Kingdom Champion, because it was the first time I had to fulfill court duties. Thanks to my chats with the other Champions and Mistress Isolde, I felt fairly prepared for what my duties would actually be: processing into court with Their Majesties, standing with them, and being prepared for entertaining at a moment’s notice. Yet in actual practice, I still felt a bit awkward. I expect it will take me a little time to adjust and grow into my place in Their court. I have to keep reminding myself that I have only been truly immersed in the SCA for about two-and-a-half years… and it takes a while to thoroughly pick up the nuances of court etiquette.

Good thing I have a year to get it all settled!

One thing I did learn this weekend (much to my chagrin), is that while I am thoroughly enjoying playing/singing period (more or less) materials, I am quite lacking in the ‘filk’ department… which is what the Inlands definitely appears to prefer in terms of bardic fire entertainment. A ‘filk’ can be modern song written in a period fashion, or period-esque wording and concepts fit to a modern melody. It can also be a song about the SCA experience and shared history.

I felt quite out of place as the evening wore on and I meandered from fire to fire, for only having somber and/or serious materials at my disposal, none of which were an acceptable fit to a jovial crowd (no matter their kindness and appreciativeness for the craft). This is something I need to work on. One of the cardinal rules of being an entertainer is giving your audience what they need and/or want — and it appears my region wants filks… And lots of them.

I am woefully unprepared at this moment for such a thing. However, last month I was gifted with a copy of the “Elfhill Times” songbook (a favorite here in An Tir) to work through — like most things in my life at the moment, I just need to make myself sit down and DO it.

This year’s Baroness’s War was a lovely learning experience, and has whetted my appetite for the other events on my current SCA schedule. I will master the etiquette. I will learn a modest selection of songs for most types of crowds. I will learn just how to juggle my regalia and my instrument gracefully… so I at least look like I know what I’m doing… 🙂

This role is quite a bit more than anticipated, but I am up for the challenge. 🙂

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