Busy weekend, y’all, and it seems my first introduction to upholding my duties as the new Kingdom Bardic Champion.

(The former Champion, the lovely Vanessa Cardui, coined the term “bard-hours” earlier this year to reference the work both within and outside the SCA that relates to our art IN the SCA. I think it’s a handy distinction.)

20131130-202130.jpgImmediately after my short gig at the Farmer’s Market, I donned my garb and buzzed off to the SCA demo in Richland on medieval arts & sciences. It was awesome seeing not only the other displays by fellow SCAdians, but seeing just how many people from the general public were interested in what we had to offer. I played a bit, sang some, and answered a lot of questions about performing arts in the SCA (and consequently, medieval Europe). I left the site amped. It was great. đŸ™‚

Today I gave more thought to how I want my term to proceed. I decided I would like my efforts more directed towards being a resource/mentor for the bardic arts. Certainly performing will be part of it (I can’t NOT bring an instrument with me, or play music for those who desire a tune, it’s in my DNA…), but I definitely want to be available to help those wanting to get involved.

So, I made myself a goal: to “teach” (I use the term loosely, as I prefer myself to be more of a mentor-type) a bardic-related class at as many of the non-crown events on my itinerary as I can.

So it begins.

Bring it on. đŸ™‚


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