Schedules were posted today for the big bardic competition in three weeks. This is getting real. But the best part?

Finding out I get to open the whole affair, front and center, with my most visually striking piece. Oh yeah.

I’m really starting to get amped.

I still have some sewing to do, and practicing, but the most enjoyable part of this has been the learning process. Even this close to the showdown, I am still picking up bits and pieces that bring me closer to the life my persona, Emma, may have had in Tudor England. I am learning how to make my guitar sing, how to make the lyrics resonate, what these three pieces — and myself — are made of.

Even if I don’t come close to placing in the finals, I can honestly say that I have relished this experience and am so very glad I decided to take a chance and enter, when I could very easily have chosen to curl up under my safe little rock. It has been amazing thus far, and I have no doubt the event will follow thusly.

20 days.


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