Time is ticking down.

28 days until the Kingdom Bardic competition.

I am literally on the very last page of my documentation for my three performance pieces — tomorrow I will print out one final version to read over to make sure I catch any last-minute oddities, and then I will begin printing copies for the judges.

My husband is finishing up his generous project of the wooden boar head for one of my props.

I am a few stitches away from completing my heraldic banner to carry in.

I am going fabric shopping tomorrow so I can sew myself a prettier kirtle & chemise to wear for the event.

I have been practicing my performances and am getting closer and closer to the final product. Memorization is coming along nicely.

The only things I have left to do are:

-Tally up costs for the weekend and budget accordingly…
-Solidify carpooling plans…
-Figure out what I need to pack for my performances…

…and most importantly, begin rehearsing the “stage setting” part of my presentation. (Yes, I’m procrastinating a bit because I tend to prefer to ‘wing’ it a little based on the tenor of the audience, but I really do need to set some things in stone so I don’t sound like a blithering idiot.)

I’ve broached the idea within my Barony to pick a day to do our presentations in front of an audience so we don’t have to walk into the competition completely cold, and it might just work. Gotta few scheduling details to hash out, but it’s looking good.

28 days.



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