The Kingdom of An Tir’s 12th Night celebration was this last weekend, and thus, my Letter of Intent to turn out for Bardic Champion in March is set.

No turning back.

I’m committed.

Though it is more than a month away, I’m feeling that first, subtle rush of adrenaline, because now? It’s ON. The stage has been set, the lights dimmed in anticipation.

Yes, I live for that playful giddiness that comes when you know exactly what you have up your sleeve. đŸ™‚

There are six of us hopefuls. And from here on out, I will be single-minded, focused with a driven and enthusiastic intensity toward this “minstrel olympics” where I will strive to represent my Barony and Canton well, where I will honor my duties as an Artisan to my Baroness, but above all, where I will entertain. For this is what it’s all about: bringing my audience into 1500s England for a few moments, and letting them see the world the way Emma would see it.

I have my drum. I have my guitar. I have my voice.

Time to raise the roof.


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