I will admit I’ve been taken kind of… aback… at how quickly a simple thing like submitting my letter to enter the Kingdom Bardic Championship has, well, ballooned.

It’s a little shocking, to say the least.

I’m not surprised to have the support of my local group. They’re an A+ group of friends (more ‘extended family’ than friends at this point) with an unparallelled enthusiasm for each others’ medievalist projects.

What does surprise me is the support and personal good wishes from those who know me in passing, or know of me through others. (Should I be concerned that I have a reputation and that it precedes me? 🙂 ) I suddenly am beginning to understand the ideal of the “champion heading to war,” where everyone rallies together. It’s rather cool. Even though an Arts & Sciences weekend isn’t “war” or “battle,” and instead of a lance or sword I’ll be armed with research, an agile voice, and a guilele-posing-as-a-Renaissance-guitar, I still feel like I’m a representative from our region.

I am currently up to my eyeballs in research, hip-deep in books and manuscript copies, and relishing the lovely opportunity to use the skills I acquired while getting my English degree (research, writing, formatting a paper). While the Day Job does entail a certain amount of research, I almost never get to use the writing and formatting that I learned back in the day. And I love writing papers. (Yes, I just admitted I love essays. All my High School English teachers get one free roll in their graves when they get there.)  Thus far I have managed to track down two of the three original manuscripts for the pieces I will be performing (The Three Ravens, Pastyme with Good Companye, and The Boar’s Head Carol), and yesterday, I got another of my resource requests in via Interlibrary Loan (it was awesome, better than Christmas!).

I am surging ahead and relishing every moment. 🙂

It’s times like these that I wish I was back in college. I had so much fun in college it was unreal (and I’m not talking about the drinking and partying kind). I’ve always loved learning, and college was the first real avenue I had to study what I wanted, and not what was required of me. This feels like that, except better. 🙂

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