Winter Solstice is this weekend.

According to what I’ve read, in Celtic times the Solstice marks the start of the new year — it gave hope to the struggling community that the darkness wouldn’t last much longer, that Spring, with it’s planting and feasting and growth, was on the way.

I find it an aprohpoh analogy.

I am not sorry to see this year go. J and I have faced everything from farming troubles and house issues to deeply personal losses. We have lost so much, we have fought so many difficulties, and it has just been a HARD year for us. It seemed anything that could go wrong, did. We were challenged to cling to our faith, but here we stand.

This year has been so dark for us.

The upcoming Solstice has taken on new meaning for me, because I am ready to say goodbye to the darkness and welcome in the light. I am ready to have a little hope.

I am not the dancing sort. I am not the sort to host a wild party. But I will hold my head high and welcome this turning of the earth for what it symbolizes for me: a gentle reminder that things will get better. I will kindle the fire in my soul with prayer and song until it is bright, and I will lift my hands to God that He may carry us safely through the following days until the renewal of Spring.

If you find yourself in similar circumstances, I pray that you, too, will find a kindling of hope for 2014.



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