There’s been this meme going around Facebook lately, where a poster gives you a number and you have to tell that number of things about you that other people may not know. If you comment on that post, you must continue the meme.

It’s been interesting reading all the things people have posted about themselves. I thought it would be fun to do a list for my music, and here’s what I came up with:

1. Last count I can play 10 different instruments.
2. I wish I were more extroverted so I could stage crazy-fun musical shenanigans like flash mobs or that guy who sang his fast-food order to the clerk, but I remain an introvert to my core.
3. I have much dismay that I cannot sing Tenacious D songs in polite company. Because playing acoustic guitars like you’re a Rock n’Roll God is epic with a capital E.
4. I wish I could write funny songs. For some reason it all comes out *very seriously.*
5. If I could do anything and be certain to make a steady income at it, I would probably still not want to be a rockstar/famous musical act. Infamous is much more my style.
6. I once sang “Yes, We Have No Bananas” (complete with a little dance) to a customer while I worked in the produce section at my first job. Her response: “So…. no bananas, then?”
7. I actually dislike playing amplified. I have to for many of the gigs and venues I play, but I it never sounds quite right and I hate fighting feedback. I lament the loss of acoustically-designed performance spaces, because unplugged is my bread & butter. If I could just play small house-concerts and the like, I would be a very happy camper.
8. Over my career-of-sorts, I have played in several jazz bands, several concert bands, two marching bands, two Celtic/Irish folk bands, a classical saxophone quartet, one concert choir, one small chamber orchestra, a “Jesus band,” and I did a very short stint in a Bluegrass band.
9. I once made $0.25 busking.
10. Best gig ever? When the college jazz band I belonged to performed at a WWII-themed Dance. It was like stepping back in time with all the ladies and gentlemen swinging on the dance floor.


6 thoughts on “Ten Things About My Music

    1. Acoustic playing IS very beautiful, Chun. It’s how instruments were designed to make sound. In my SCA hobby, I’ve been learning a bit about music as entertainment in the middle ages, and it is such a different mindset to what we’re exposed to today. Rather than hiring a musician or a group of musicians to play, then cramming them in some back corner, and wiring them up so they can be heard like a run-of-the-mill radio, they would design rooms and halls to carry sound. I wish people did that more often.

      1. Acoustic instrument has it own good sound. I think so too.
        It is different from the sound generated by electronic equipment.
        I love that acoustic sound, such as guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and I love the shape of the instrument.

        I remember you written about repairing old guitars.
        I also repaired some old guitars. And the guitar sounds beautiful sound.
        I’m enjoying to sound them.

        I’m sorry that my English is not so good.

  1. interesting:) I have the number 5 and have been holding off trying to think what people may not know about me. I don’t consider myself interesting, as you are;)

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