What a wonderful weekend.

The event As You Like It marks our 2nd anniversary in the SCA, and there was much feasting, fun, and frivolity! Not as much bardic activity as I had hoped, but it really was my husband’s day, as he took a big step in his rapier/historical martial arts career and became a Cadet:

The swearing in ceremony.

In our Society, the rapier arts have a heirarchy system of chivalry and education similar to the knights and their squires. In rapier, the “knights” are called Dons (or Doñas) and their “squires” are called Cadets. Like the knights/squires, the Don and Cadet relationship is a big, important one, that often spills over into our mundane lives — for example, my husband’s Don considers his Cadets as family, and does not just take a Cadet, he includes their spouse in the relationship (that’s why I’m standing there, because I have given my blessing and I’m part of the deal, too). No one becomes a Cadet who hasn’t been “vetted” by the rest of the “family.” In swearing the oath, there is a mutual agreement to not only study the art of rapier and practice all elements of valor and chivalry, but also to protect and honor the family.

It’s a Big Deal.

IMG_3365I am so proud. 🙂 My husband has taken to the rapier like a duck to water and it has been such a pleasure to me to see him come into his own since we stumbled into this awesome Society two years ago. I love every moment I get to watch him out on the field — I consider it a privilege, and I look forward to seeing how far he will go. 🙂

But speaking of family…

After all that this amazing group of people had given us/done for us since Michael died, I had wanted to write a speech to thank them. Little did I know how the short speech I wrote last week would come in handy. During court that evening, we were gifted with the “friendship ball” as a token of the love and support these people so graciously give during a time of need. The timing couldn’t have been better, and I used that opportunity to talk about what family is, and how the saying that “the SCA becomes your family,” is 100% true, because they have. These wonderful, crazy, amazing people have given us  a place where we fit, they have held our hand during the aftermath, they have given us shoulders to cry on, they have been listening ears when that was what we needed… They opened their homes and their hearts to us in ways that stun me beyond words. These people are good people I am proud to know.

I didn’t set out to make anyone cry, but apparently there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when I finished. And then court kind of got suspended while there was a mass mob of hugging. 🙂

Our house was overran that evening with guests and it was fantastic fun to be surrounded by these great people for a while longer.

Here’s to many more years to come!



2 thoughts on “As You Like It — Our SCA Anniversary

  1. I am so happy to have you as part of our Rapier family and my SCA family! You crazy and whacky couple fit right on in with us! Here is to many more years of friendship, fun and memories!

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