Two words: Totally. Awesome.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I competed for a Bardic Championship this weekend with the early Elizabethan-era song, The Three Ravens:

And I am proud to report that I won. 😀

But this weekend was immensely awesome for other reasons than personal satisfaction at completing a goal I set for myself. It was awesome because:

I got to watch Husband very nearly clean house at the Rose Tournament. In the Rose Tournament, each fencer’s “inspiration” receives two roses representing lives in the ring. If your fencer loses a bout, he or she must take a rose and present it to the winning fencer’s inspiration. Each of those two roses serves to set up a double-elimination tournament. I am proud to say my man won more roses than he lost! 😀 It was such a pleasure to watch him pursue his passion with such joy, tenacity, and talent. It makes my heart sing to see him fulfilling his niche.

Dear Husband with his rapier. Photo by Thorkell Paulson
Dear Husband with his rapier on the morning of the Rose Tournament. Photo by Thorkell Paulson

This weekend was also awesome because of time spent with friends. Everyone told me when we started playing in the SCA that the people in your local group become a second family. I admit I didn’t believe it, but as we approach our two-year anniversary in the game, I am finding it is true. I always find I leave events like these uplifted and with that happy glow you return with after spending time with very dear loved ones. It’s such a great feeling.

I can see myself doing this for a very long time. 🙂


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