Since becoming involved in the SCA in 2011, my husband and I made ourselves a goal to attend an event every month. It makes for nice “us” time – with the nature of our mundane lives, it is tricky to schedule the traditional week-of-vacation, so we prefer to schedule mini “vacation weekends” where we can go play our game and spend time with our medievally friends. As I mentioned in my previous post about my SCA life, I am finding that I spend the year counting the weeks until the next event on our calendar.

Border War was our latest medieval escapade.

Ever since we attended last year, I’ve been itching to return. We arrived early on Saturday morning, ready to battle it out. It was a special day, as I recently became authorized for rapier combat (think Three Musketeers), and it would be my first time taking the field alongside my husband.

In a rapier “war,” the fighters sort themselves into teams, and can use whatever parrying device of their choice (staff, cloak, buckler, dagger). Given the time period of rapier combat, the fighters are also allowed one-shot RBGs, or Rubber Band Guns, to simulate the early blackpowder firearms and artillery of the time, which they may use in addition to their sword and parrying device. The Marshal-In-Charge then announces the scenario (often involving backstories like privateering, street-fights, tavern brawls, and period insult throwdowns) to pit the sides against each other, and the fighters go to it.

Border War is unique and fun because it is located on a lake, and the rapier fighters got to play on the docks. 🙂 All our scenarios were privateering-related, such as fighting to claim the shore, but one scenario involved a box of loot to be transported back to the end of the dock, and the first team to get it there won. My husband and I helped our team win that one with our RBG ribauldequin and a mad dash with the chest of loot to the end of the dock (complete with laughter and squealing on my part as we were chased down by a speedy Wealdsmerian). 🙂

In the evening there was court, feasting, and my favorite: bardic.

As a newly-sworn Artisan, I am honoring my vow of fealty by making it a personal goal to take on every bardic performance or competition I can. At feast, I presented my song, “Storyteller,” and darn-near brought the house down. 🙂 It was a very proud moment for me, and I wished my Baron and Baroness could have been there to see my performance and subsequent win. I was especially honored for those who approached me afterward and complimented my performance. One gentleman said I brought tears to his eyes, that my song really spoke to his heart. 🙂

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of my bardic performance, or my taking the field alongside my husband. I had decided that this weekend, instead of viewing the event through the lens, or capturing moments with my iPad, that I would relish the event with no electronics or things to take me out of the moment. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that I was there and it was awesome. 😉

Edit, 9/24/2013: Janusch Vladescu was kind enough to let me post this photo of my bardic performance, so now there is proof!


11 thoughts on “Border War 2013

  1. I am so glad you had a blast at Honor war, and cant wait to see you guys at Barons Ball. I will have my camera there to take pictures of you performing Bardic and fighting in the rose tournament on Sunday 😀

    1. It is VERY fun re-creating the middle ages/renaissance! 🙂 If you’re interested in seeing it up close and personal, the organization is international and I’m sure there’s a chapter in your area. 🙂

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