The SCA is currently running a contest among their members to showcase the variety of amazing talent within the Society.

Any time I get to dress up in garb and pretend I’m a minstrel is a good day, and so, without further ado, my Entry:

The song is the “Agincourt Carol,” written to commemorate Henry V’s victory over the French in Normandy in 1415. It is an amazing story, as the English were severely out-numbered: English forces numbered under 10,000 while French forces boasted around 50,000. Henry only claimed victory thanks to his longbowmen and their archery prowess.

The first half of the lyrics tell of Henry’s travel and how God was on his side. The second half is all Latin, roughly “thank you God! Thank you God! England receives your victory!” (I don’t read Latin, but I know enough to get me in trouble. 😉 If anyone has a better translation, please speak up.)

Voting is open, so please “like” it on YouTube and help me represent the awesome Barony of Wastekeep in the Known World! 🙂

Edit, 7:08p.m. — if you have already voted, I will have to ask you to vote again, as I just figured out how to upload it in high def. 🙂


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