In the wake of my achievement of Artisan rank in our local(ish) SCA group, I have rediscovered an old interest: medieval music, specifically, new medieval-esque music. I find myself fascinated with songs that operate off the old tropes of medieval literature (knights, quests, love, and the like), but breathe new life into the ideas.

I have also been itching to write more things appropriate for SCA use around the bardic circle (and also for potential gigs at Renaissance Faires). Tonight I sat down with a cup of coffee and Lola the SCA guitar, and we hashed out this:

As a young child I sat at mother’s knee,
Listening with rapt attention the stories she told to me

A fair princess in a tower, a knight shining on a horse,
His sword gleams with power as he takes the dragon by force.

Oh let me sing you a song
Of days long gone,
Of true love and valiant deeds,
And brilliant banners waving in the breeze,
Oh let me sing, let me sing,
Sing you a song

He’s knocked down and battered, but still he gets up.
He slays that evil dragon, his valor proven tough


The princess rushes down the stairs, takes him into her arms.
They ride into the sun, they’ll never be apart…

I became the princess,
And the knight and the dragon,
Their stories live inside me…



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