(title text mashed from the Moody Blues)

Let me just say I never thought I’d be here. Here, as in performing with a worship band. Especially considering my stance on the majority of worship music today.

Yeah. Odd. Weird, even.

And what’s odder is I’ve drug out the Balrog from her cave for it. (There’s gotta be some epic subtext in that, somewhere…)

HeatherBalrogBut ‘here’ is where I seem to be at the moment. Singing harmony and playing tasty jams and background riffs complete with whammy bar application to liven up music that by its very nature, tends to make the majority of music aficionados raise eyebrows. The cool part is, the group I’m jamming with? They’ve upped the ante. They are challenging me, in a roundabout way, to play backup better, and to get off my hesitant rear and actually attempt honest-to-goodness lead guitar. And in return, they are picking music that has that personal connection I have been craving.

It’s amazing. I used to be in the camp that would snigger at groups like Creed. I skipped past the worship stations on the car radio, and if that was the only station that happened to come in, I gave an exasperated groan and turned the radio off. Anytime someone asked if I sang gospel or worship music, I fought back the urge to make a derisive snort of denial. But I’ve come a long way in the last year and I’ve learned my lesson: you can’t fall prey to stereotypes.

I’m eating my hat.


2 thoughts on “I’m just a singer in a rock-n– wait — a worship band??

  1. You know the saying “Never say never”! I enjoy a good selection of music…in fact, probably the only type I don’t like is rap. I enjoy contemporary Christian music and have always loved gospel music. I hardly ever listen to gospel or old time hymns, but I sure love movies that include them, like the ones Whoopie Goldberg played in…she was hiding from mobsters in a convent. Anyway, enjoy your music wherever your soul calls you!

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