The Sergeantry Trials for my local Barony were yesterday. If you’ll remember, I posted a photo of my Letter of Intent a while back…


Dear Lady of Raven hair, Baroness of this noble land
‘Tis my wish to serve you fair; I offer skills to be an Artisan

‘Tis my humble desire bold to pluck the brilliant melodies
And to sing the songs of old, your heart and ears to please

To honor Wastekeep’s blessed fame, and lift in song your gracious name!
To honor Wastekeep’s blessed fame, and lift in song your gracious name!

As I was presented to my Baroness, I could see the question form in her mind as she looked at my “letter.” At that point, I requested my guitar (conveniently pre-staged near the throne), dropped to one knee, and sang my song to her. I am well-pleased — my tune brought tears to her eyes as I sang of my desire to be a Bard in her name. As the last note died on my lips, the populace raised the roof of the court hall with joyful noise. (It was AWESOME!!!)

I am very happy to report that I made it! I passed the Trials, and have now become an Artisan of music for my local Barony and Baroness. It was a fantastic day filled with testing on period dancing, music, bardic, arts & sciences, and gaming. For my success, I received a bauble (pictured on the right) from my Baroness, a token of her favor which will take up residence on my guitar, and an Artisan’s Medallion.

Sergeantry Trials, or, I am now an Artisan of Music for my Barony!The medallion is very special…

Once upon a time in the fair land of Wastekeep, there was a talented and noble man known as Arthur Greene. He was a vibrant personality, and won over many in the populace with his charm. He took the Trials, and after much study and thoughtful preparation, became the first Artisan of Wastekeep. Every project he took on furthered excellence in the realm of Arts and Sciences with his enthusiasm for knowledge.

Arthur eventually became Baron of Wastekeep, and was much beloved by his people. Years passed, and alas the Hand of Death came upon him suddenly. All were grieved at his unexpected passing. A great light had gone out in the land, but his people remember him fondly. Stories are told, and songs are sung in honor of his memory. Tales of Arthur abound among all of Wastekeep, and soon, all who pass through this land learn of his legend.

Yesterday, Arthur’s widow, Lady Rowena, chose me as the recipient of Arthur’s medallion. Though it is a little worn and the colors faded, I will cherish it. After the event, I located Lady Rowena and thanked her. She told me that the Sergeantry Trials was the last event Arthur attended, and that just made it ever more special.

I am well and truly honored, and I hope I can uphold the standard of excellence this honor deserves. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Sergeantry Trials, or, I am now an Artisan of Music for my Barony!

  1. thank you for sharing this. as i was not present i did not know this happened. my husband and i are now bawling with happiness for you and our love of the baron arthur and baroness rowena. you indeed have a special badge and i’m sure his love and guidance of the arts will assist you well into the future.

  2. Congratulations on your passing the trials. I know dad would be proud to have you wear his medallion. 🙂

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