I needed something to keep me busy this summer, and so I decided (after much coaxing and cajoling by my friends and fellow geeks) to try for the rank of Artisan within my local SCA chapter. Most of the candidates who are studying for this rank or others similar (my husband is going for Gallant, which is a rapier-based rank) announced their intentions in January or shortly thereafter, as the trials are in August. I announced my intentions in June.

Let’s just say I like to work under pressure…?

I have been active enough in the Arts & Sciences divisions that fulfilling those requirements will be no problem. And developing a letter detailing my medieval persona has been easy. Getting all my ducks in a row for the others? A bit more of a challenge.

I have been fussing and fussing and fussing these last couple of weeks, because I must submit a formal Letter of Intent at the Trials. I have not been happy with my letter. It was lacking a certain… Something.

Then I had the Idea of All Ideas. 🙂


What better for a potential Artisan of Music to present than a Letter in the form of a song?



3 thoughts on “Potential Artisan of Music — SCA projects

  1. WAY TO GO!!!! That is an excellent idea and love the scroll. I continue to be blown away with your creative and imaginative talent.

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