As my time draws near, I realize things must change. The trick is, like many wise people before me have said, learning to embrace the change as it happens.

I am not certain, yet, what these next few years are going to hold. The growth of a family can be chaotic, challenging, and a juggling act on the best of days. I always will love the stage lights, the applause of a live audience, the rush of belting out that first line of lyric with your heart and soul behind it… Because I am a musician, a performer. Only now I must learn to wear a new kind of hat, one requiring a lot more maintenance and care and time than I am used to. It is foolish of me to not accept the fact that my career will get redefined.

And that that’s okay. Because it doesn’t change who I am.

Each day draws me closer toward the end of the chapter, and after a year of much self-questioning, doubt, understanding, success, defeat, and change, I am looking forward to that next page. I have been so busy trying to make my own way, I feel I have lost sight of the trees. I have spread myself a bit too thin (as I always seem to). Now it is time to focus: on family, on music, on sharing joy. Now it is time to make the moments count, whole and full and complete, instead of participating in a mad rush to accumulate a myriad of half-full seconds. I am looking forward to simplifying. I am looking forward to learning more about myself.

All of this experience called ‘life’ is just one big journey to discovery. We wait and we grow and we mature, until suddenly, we bloom…



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