Some people believe in the phenomenon known as “nesting,” and some don’t. After the last two weeks, I have to say I definitely believe! It is one of the weirdest things I believe I’ve experienced. Very out of character…

Let’s just say I was never issued my “domestic goddess” card. I’ve never been fond of housework. I always feel like there’s so many other, better things I should be doing, like practicing, writing music, helping my husband with the farm work, helping out with mechanicing on our rigs, mucking out the barn, or the like. I tend to see housework as one of those “necessary evils” of the world, and firmly believe that cleaning out icky kitchen sink traps would be an apropos punishment for traitors and terrorists. I openly admit it: being a domestic goddess is just not my thing.

But the last two weeks?

  • I’ve vacuumed and swept the floors.
  • I’ve kept caught up on the dishes, to the point I’ve even washed a bunch by hand when they wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher.
  • I’ve washed a bunch of baby clothes, blankets, and the like, and reorganized the baby’s clothes drawers.
  • I reorganized my closet.
  • I tidied up my computer hutch, sewing area, and music cabinet.
  • I scrubbed up the bathroom.
  • Outside, I thinned our radishes and hand-weeded all five of our rows of corn.
  • I organized and sorted my tea collection.
  • I found a better way to store said tea.
  • I washed the doors. (Yes, I Washed. The. Doors.)

And this is all in addition to the daily/weekly duties of laundry and dishes and garbage detail that somehow, I’ve found enough energy to keep up with. Not to mention the music things (getting those new songs recorded and ready for release!) I’ve accomplished. Hell, I’ve even done a bunch of baking (two batches of cookies and a batch of blueberry muffins)!

It’s quirky and strange, but I am enjoying this feeling of productivity. I just can’t help but wonder what task I’ll come up with next…


If you have been pregnant before, what quirky sorts of things did you find yourself doing as your time drew near?


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