This article, “Having Babies {In Opposite World},” is Fantastic.

I was talking about this the other day with one of my friends and we were musing on the phenomenon that when people find out they automatically assume that you’re absolutely, totally MISERABLE or WILL BE MISERABLE! Not necessarily so, peeps. Not necessarily so. Certainly there are moments of absolute panic and terror and fear when I sit back and realize, “Good LORD, Do you really think I can handle being a Mom??,” but I have been blessed in many ways by my unexpected pregnancy:

  • I have found new respect for my body — I actually LIKE myself now!
  • I relish in the fact that my body seems to be well built for this task, and I cherish it since I was certain that this was a closed and locked door.
  • I have the joy in knowing my husband and I can share our generations-old farm and lifestyle with another, and I have peace in the fact that my husband and I will not be the last of our family.
  • I have proof that there are still miracles on this earth every time my son-to-be kicks me or squirms inside my womb, and I have awe for the fact that I have been able to witness, first hand, the Creation of a new Life from particles tinier than the period at the end of this sentence.

I am well aware that children are not for everyone, but my experience so far? Amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. đŸ™‚

The sad part is, this idea that you will be miserable is so prevalent in our culture. That friend I mentioned up above? She deals with the same thing every day, but she’s not pregnant. She has a food allergy. I have other friends who deal with chronic disease. I have friends who are getting married, and still others who are short of money or are taking on debt so they can get education or get their business up and running….

And we are all supposedly “miserable.”

Shouldn’t we do something about these nasty little assumptions? Life is not necessarily what it appears.


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