It has finally happened. 😦

My pregnant tummy has gotten too big for my guitar.

I picked up Blackbird last night because I haven’t gotten to play her in a long while, and after about ten minutes of song-making, my screwed up shoulder began to hurt. Just like it used to when I had that jumbo-sized Abilene. Just like it does every time I pick up a standard dreadnought. Ache, ache, ache, burn, burn, burn. Le sign. I tried everything: cramming the body in as close as possible (it continued to slide away during playing), shifting her so the lower bout sat more against my side (couldn’t reach the fretboard comfortably)…. In the end, I just had to concede my defeat and put her back in her case. Bummer. 😦

Good thing I have an ukulele to play between now and the end of my pregnancy…

One thought on “And Goldilocks said, “This one’s Too Big…”

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