Sometimes I wonder what people hear in my music.

I know what I hear when I sing the words I’ve penned. But other people… They bring their own life experiences to the table, and every bit of that colors a personal interpretation whether you want it to or not.

I’ll never forget the time when I had an older gentleman refer to my music as my ‘ministry.’ Really confused me, since I did not perform any church music or spiritual music then. Certainly music IS part and parcel of my personal faith and spirituality, but ministry? Doesn’t that imply I am actively preaching to the masses (something I would never dare to do)?

Or the times when people cry while hearing a song I did not write to be sad. What were they thinking about? Was it my words that brought up a painful memory? Or did the collection of notes strung together tug at certain heart strings?

I am just a humble musician. The only thing I truly desire is to play: well, honestly, and often. The rest — speaking to the heart of the soul — is just gravy.

What do you hear inside music you like? What types of music move you?


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