I have decided. I have absolutely no desire to be famous.

Especially if it is anything like being pregnant.

I am nearing the third trimester, and I find myself growing tired of the near-constant stream of inquiries: everyone and their dog must know how you are doing. It’s really no different than when newspapers and blogs splash intimate details of a celebrity’s life all over the front page.

At first, I will admit I was quite flattered by how much people seemed to care. In fact, it was pretty darn nice! But pregnancy takes time, and like most stars will tell you, the shine wears off after a while…

See, everyone has advice (well-meaning or otherwise) on the best way to be pregnant. Everyone has an opinion. People may touch you without asking your permission first. People you barely know may act offended they weren’t the first to be in the know. Some people will go out of their way to be rude, and some will go out of their way to support. People will ask prying questions (like wanting to know how much weight you’ve gained — seriously!), and feel slighted if you don’t offer up an answer lickety-split. People talk amongst themselves about YOU, and total strangers will suddenly know things you weren’t even sure you wanted them to know. Your life becomes a free-for-all, and any semblance of privacy you thought you had vanishes into thin air.

In short, a woman’s bulging belly becomes — more or less, for better or worse — public property. Literally, the only thing missing from this experience is a few Paparazzi. (On a side note, take Princess Kate. Every flippin’ newsstand here in the U.S has at least one front-page update on the progression of her pregnancy, and I would bet money the amount of media coverage is waaaayy worse in England!)

For someone like myself, who tries to maintain a Public Face and a Private Life, this is very disconcerting at times. After six-and-a-half months, the novelty of being the center of attention is gone, and I am beginning to understand why so many celebrities turn to things like booze after making it big… đŸ˜‰

All wisecracks aside, dealing with sudden “celebrity” status is HARD. It’s like being thrown adrift in the sea in the middle of a tempest with no familiar anchors to hold you steady…

And after it is all said and done, I have decided: no Fame and Celebrity-ism for me, thanks. I will stick to informal jam nights and open mics, casual performances in corner coffeehouses, and sell my art quietly from just outside the stage light, because the Art is more important than the personal details of Me.


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