Birthday goodies are the best, and I scored this year… 🙂 I received the Tascam iXZ interface for my iPad (gear review to follow), and so now I have a much, much more robust recording interface available to me than I did with my first two albums. Which means…

SURPRISE!!! To celebrate, I recorded my rock song, “Digging These Holes,” and it is now available as a $1 single off my Bandcamp store! (If you really like it, or love what I’m trying to achieve, Bandcamp allows you to pay more if you like.) As always, Bandcamp allows you to download the song in any file format of your choosing. And I offer all my stuff under a Creative Commons 3.0 license, so if you think this song is killer and want to share it with your friend, go ahead! 🙂

Which brings me to the other half of this blog post: the idea of selling singles.

In my experience playing live, people try to tip. Tips can range from whatever change they have running around in their pocket to a twenty dollar bill. The typical tip is roughly what you’d give your waitress: $1 or $2. As any waitress or gigging musician will tell you, tips make ALL the difference! The thing is, you only receive tips for a service you provide (live music). No service, no tips. With the bad economy, opportunities to play live are drying up. What’s a musician to do?

Sell singles. I’ve been thinking about this a bit, and it is a very intriguing idea, especially when I know some people won’t buy an album just for that ONE song they like — they prefer to buy just that ONE song. Which is one of the reasons iTunes and similar online music stores have grown so popular. Also, people are more likely to spend a buck on something new than they are to spend the $10 or $14 for a whole album. Oddly enough, it’s a similar idea to how my fiction is sold.

Deciding to offer my songs as $1 singles is also fascinating for me, because since my tastes in music vary so much, it’s a little tricky to figure out how to put together a true album. Quite a few of my songs have gone unrecorded, simply for the reason that they didn’t fit! If I start offering them as singles, it’s a way for them to get out there.

So go check out “Digging These Holes,” and stay tuned because I’ll have another surprise for you next month! 🙂


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