This past weekend my husband and I had the good fortune to be able to attend our SCA chapter’s “Yule Feast” event. It was a lot of fun to see faces we haven’t seen in a while (Yule had been postponed so more of our populace could attend), and many fun surprises were to be had.

A couple weeks before the event I decided I needed a new gown to better accommodate my pregnant belly — and I settled on a fashion from (roughly) the mid 1400s through the early 1500s: the houppelande, known in later times as the “Burgundian Gown.” The Burgundian era in medieval fashion was characterized by warm fabrics and designs that covered as much of the body as possible; Europe was experiencing the “Little Ice Age” and fashion changed to better suit the colder temperatures. I wanted some winter garb anyway as I had none, and it worked out well because I had a bunch of flannel and blizzard fleece on hand. I am very pleased with the result:


Dear Husband helped me with the hennin, aka. Traffic Cone Of Doom. Hennins were prevalent accessories to the Burgundian gown, and there were many different styles to choose from — many of them quite tall. This one is what they call a “truncated” — or shortened — butterfly hennin (from the way the veil sits on the wire holders). I chose a shortened style as I wanted something to compliment the dress, but wasn’t so outlandish that I couldn’t get through a standard doorway or turn my head. It walks the line nicely.


I received several compliments, and there’s nothing quite like feeling you look awesome, except receiving your very first Scroll…


Remember back in November when my Hearpe project won the Arts and Sciences competition? The Baron and Baroness of our local chapter presented me with a lovely hand-painted scroll for my efforts, as well as the Champion’s Cloak. Awesome. 🙂 In the SCA, scrolls are quite the honor; they are presented by the highest ranking member(s) of a chapter, and are given to recognize all kinds of deeds from championship winners to recognition of selfless service. It’s quite a nice, tangible way to honor those who have put in effort into playing the game.

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