Did you or did you not just start bugging around in your chair with a silly grin on your face? 🙂

There’s a lot of truth to this video: when times are at their darkest and dullest, people turn to lighthearted entertainment to make life bearable. It may sound like I’m trivializing the value of entertainment, but I’m not. Having that bit of sunshine is important, because its hope. Tangible, lovely, hope. In times of difficulty, people need that.

The issue I see is, too many musicians are wanting to be taken “seriously,” they have a message to get across and they think that the way to do this is to be angsty and hip and raw and sing about tough, sad, ugly things…

(Myself included. I fell into that trap this last year, biiig time. More about that in a minute.)

…When really, the reason people are turning to the arts is just to get away from all of that.

It’s kind of the same thing I’ve always harped on about novels versus Literature. We can only hear how horrible and nasty and evil humanity is for so long before we’re sick of it and need an open window to get away…

I have been very lax lately, in that I haven’t been writing as much. I haven’t been writing because (see above), I fell into the trap of wanting to get an Important Message across. I didn’t want to write until I had said Message, and it stifled my creativity. Music very quickly became WORK, when it is something that should be done only for love and enjoyment. I do believe I have learned my lesson, though. I need to just write. About anything, even if it is silly and happy and fun. 🙂 Because that is why musicians (and artists and dancers and painters and writers and…) are here. To make life beautiful and fun and life colorful, just like the Jive Aces did for those washed-out people in the video.

I think I have finally found my New Years’ Resolution: to bring some sunshine wherever I bring an instrument. Because that’s more important than being raw and emotional and serious.


One thought on “The Jive Aces’ “Bring Me Sunshine” — and other musings on sunny songs

  1. That;s a fun video – thanks for posting it! I checked out some of their others & they have produced some fun & lively stuff, including London Rhythm & their ‘Pirates of the Generic Beach Scene’, plus some uke tutorials which should be useful.

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