Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about writing, composition, music, and poetry — and how it all relates (If it does).

In my humble experience, I’ve always said that writing and music were not that different. Hearing that ten-note riff and knowing where in that song it will fit and seeing that scene in the next chapter play out before you’ve gotten there… It always seemed to me like those things used the same skills. Also take into consideration that many artists are eloquent speakers and writers, and it seems pretty cut and dried.

But here’s the thing I’ve been noticing lately: since I got back into playing music heavily, My creative juices seem to manifest in poetry, rather than straight, regular prose.

I wonder if its just natural for us creative types to take on aspects of the things we are involved with. For example, I’ve been playing music, specifically contemporary songs, and therefore, I have “Absorbed” the song format so much that my own words try to come out in a like manner. Are most musicians also poets? Or are poets also musical?

An interesting idea.

So my question to my writerly friends: have you found your writing to take on aspects of other things present in your life at the time?

2 thoughts on “Music & poetry

  1. Yes, I think it’s the same as when we write and can see it so visually like a movie or on a stage. However, not all writing crosses over and vice versa. When I wrote poetry I never really had the sound like some of my other friends, but I could see my words as paintings. Very good questions. Keep writing.

    1. The mind and its inner workings is a very fascinating thing to ponder. Having written a bunch of short stories, I totally understand what you’re saying about seeing it play out like a movie or a still from a painting — some ideas just present themselves better in one format or another. Maybe it has something more to do with what type of “learner” we are (visual, auditory, etc)… While I had moments where scenes or bits of prose would come to me like a movie, nine times out of ten I would “hear” the scene or the characters in it (and I’m primarily an auditory learner).

      Thank you for stopping by and weighing in! đŸ™‚

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