Sometimes, I miss the old days.

I watched a documentary on Ireland the other night and it reminded me of all that time spent in college doing the Irish Trad music thing… Always having music, never fussing over having to write something “new.” Being able to accept any gig I felt like because I lived local to the Scene and money (i.e. who would pay for gas/transport?) was never in the cards. Sure, I never lost anything mostly because I never gained anything except experience and fun times for the scrapbook.

Don’t get me wrong; the whole singer/songwriter thing is a hoot from one end to the other. It is just wearing a little thin lately…

The local Scene has gotten extremely competitive — to the point most local musicians are out of work — and then lately I’ve been feeling the pressure of being solely responsible for, well, everything relating to my “career.” I’m finding myself teaching fifty lessons to every performance I do, and maybe more. It is beginning to feel a little stifling, and I find myself missing — just a little bit — the free adventure of those college days when I had the entire musical world at my fingertips (or so it felt)…


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