Heather’s first rule of archery:

If thou forgets thy proper form, much foul language and sorrow will follow…


Traditional archery is harder than it looks. Proper form is so, so, so important… As you have just seen. 🙂 Normally I do pretty good at remembering my form… Apparently, all it takes is focusing on something new (shooting from a different position) to wreck my habit.

Which really means — that I need to practice more, until proper form is ingrained to the point it becomes automatic. 🙂

Which is no different than gaining musical prowess, or learning to bake a pie, or draw pretty pictures or write stories. All the things in life that are worthwhile are worth the extra effort, and you do them over and over again until they are right.

Right now I can hit a 60cm diameter “round” on the butt (traditional archery target) most of the time at ten to fifteen yards. I want to hit it not just all the time, but to do that AND be able to hit a nine-inch pie plate at twice that distance. Range-time is definitely in my future.. That is, after I’m not so ouchy…


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