I wouldn’t trade
My love
For every wish made
On every star in the sky
Even if
I knew
I’d not get another moment
With you

People make jokes about being married all the time. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear at least one snide — or outright petty — comment made about spouses. And then there’s the public conflicts. The blatant disrespect for each other…

I’m tired of it. Grow up!

No, seriously: grow up. All that second grade crap? It has no place in a mature, stable relationship. What, exactly, does bitching about whether someone left the toilet seat up (or down) truly accomplish? Aren’t there more important things to be concerned about in our adult lives?

Put your love for each other first. It’s hard to do, sometimes, especially when times are tough and tempers run short, but if you can grow up enough to realize that the petty shit doesn’t matter at the end of the day, I can promise you’ll be a lot happier. Love is beautiful! Love is durable and will last a lifetime if you treat it right. It’s worth it! It isn’t something you fall in and out of, it isn’t fleeting, it isn’t fickle. If we let it, love has the power to overcome all kinds of obstacles. We just have to trust in it, and forget the misplaced toilet seats, the forgotten errands, the little accidents we make. Love is made of sterner stuff than we think. It may bend and scuff and get banged around a little, but don’t trade it in like a cheap car. It’s worth more than that, and all it takes most times is just a little bit of polish and nurturing to make it shine like brand new.

Life isn’t worth living with no love in it. So why hold grudges? Why go out of your way to make the one you’re with miserable? Why the one-upmanship? Why all this talk of divorce and lawsuits over childish things? Put it aside. Talk. Hold hands. Be best friends. Be lovers. Those are the things life was made for. Not mind games and separate bedrooms. Life is too damn short, people. We’re here for barely a blip in time… Isn’t it better to love — completely, truly, faithfully, passionately — than to spend a lifetime, short as it is, squabbling?

I am old-fashioned, and feel more and more like a stranger in a strange land when others try to get me to follow along in the relationship bashing. I won’t do it. Love is too precious to tear to pieces for nothing more than a few catty words and few gloating moments.


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