Basically, an E.P. is a short album. Used to be 20 minutes or under in length, but now I think the term is more used to describe a half album (about 6 songs instead of the 10-13).

I want put out some music utilizing the electric guitar (aka. The Balrog). So far I have two new songs (“Holes” is one of them) written for the electric, but I have at least three others that I would like to re-release (“Bad Penny,” “You Never Were Mine,” and possibly either “All the Hardest Things,” or “Lose You”).

I also would like to do release some of my more medieval-themed music. (“Gypsy,” which is unrecorded, and “Monster”)

My issue is — those projects do not mix, and neither of them are enough for a full album by themselves. And my musical tastes change so quickly I really have no idea what I will turn out in the coming months. So here’s my question:

As far as pricing goes, I probably wouldn’t charge any more than $5 or $6 for either of them, but they would only be available off my Bandcamp site.


2 thoughts on “Would you buy a digital-only E.P.?

  1. I would certainly buy digital. I have bought some of the greatest music I have digitally from Seattle area and small town bands then I could burn them onto a disc here. I Love your music and the only reason I ever would Not buy it digitally would be if I had to buy software to be able to listen to it or put it on to something so I could listen to it. Otherwise .. I don’t think that’s probably an issue as much as it used to be … I Love the idea. Plus I believe that may be less expensive for You not having to buy everything to produce copies of a disc and everything. I also love that it’s so much more accessible. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to you much of the time and I would rather buy digital and hear it than wait for Santa to bring me a car that will bet me to you. lol Miss you something fierce. Hoping to see you sooner than later. Peace, Woman!

    1. It would be less expensive if we’re talking about the initial outlay of dollars, before I’ve had a chance to recoup costs from sales. Certainly. No question there!

      Also: whether my music is on CD or digital format, I release it under a Creative Commons license, the By-Nc-Nd 3.0. I don’t care if you burn copies from a digital file you’ve downloaded or from a disc I’ve sold you, so long as I’m attributed somehow. I feel very strongly about such things. Music is meant to be SHARED. 🙂 How can it be truly shared if it’s on complete lockdown? And why on earth would any self-respecting musician shoot their potential career in the foot like that??


      Thank you for the input! 🙂 It is much appreciated.

      Miss you too, lady! *hugs*

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