What a quandary to find oneself in!

I recently finished a song, “Digging These Holes” (YouTube video to follow), and upon performing it, it has come to my attention that it is distinctly different from my other music. Rather, it elicits an entirely different side of my performance personality, and furthermore, makes my other music look…


I know, I was shocked, too.

See, I don’t feel like there’s anything tangibly different about “Holes” or it’s performance in comparison to my other songs. Though I have drug out The Balrog from its cave to help in the playing of it, that’s really the only difference. My playing technique is what the song demands and nothing more. I don’t feel like I’m putting on Airs of Angst. The words are honest and the sentiment true (like all my other songs).

And yet, it apparently drives home the point (and does so with ample proof) that I tend to sing like a back-up singer as opposed to a soloist.


Last night I played my entire repertoire of original songs on The Balrog for the Husband, then pressed him for details: “It’s the passion. I think you sing this one with more passion than the others.”

Certainly this ranching year has not had a very auspicious beginning and we have lost more new calves than we care to count — and subsequently dug more graves than we care to count. Certainly I am frustrated and plain, old tired of digging holes in the ground. And certainly, this has some bearing on the performance. But, I have lived many of the events in my other songs as well (though they may not be strictly biographical); shouldn’t they, then, also be “passionate” in their delivery?


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