I’m particularly fond of this gentleman’s art utilizing the instruments. So moving and touching… A lovely illustration of how music moves and touches us.

Luna Guitars' Blog

Meet Paul Villinski, a New York City artist with a lifelong concern for environmental issues whose work “frequently repurposes discarded materials, effecting surprising and poetic transformations.”

What first grabbed my heartstrings were his sculptures fabricated from two musical instruments. Their intrinsically beautiful shapes were taken to new heights by butterflies snipped from crushed beer cans from the streets of New York. Villiniski muses that “every one of them was once raised to someone’s lips.” It is a wonderful exercise to wonder who all these diverse people were who drank from these cans that were ultimately united in this transcendent art.

“The butterflies operate symbolically, : metamorphosing littered beer cans into flocks of butterflies mirrors the act of transformation and rebirth that butterflies symbolize across all cultures” (the artist) The second pieces that caught my eye were also related to music….this time old vinyl records that were transfigured into birds…

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