He looked down at her pulling herself together, picking up the fallen pieces of her soul and tucking them away for later fixing.  Later, after they wrapped up all the ends.  Later, when this dark day was just an unpleasant memory.  He watched her, felt her clinging to his hand like someone drowning, and he felt, a little bit, like he belonged.

I don’t care what you are, or are not, she’d said to him.  She didn’t care.

He shook his head in tiny amazement as they pushed through the science facility doors, onto the cool campus green.  Sprinklers arced in slow circles, the spray like a misty web, and they ran together, feet squishing into the grass, until they were clear.

As the sleeping streets enveloped them, he looked at her again.  Silent tears glistened on her cheeks, and he paused to gently wipe them away.

Startled, she looked into his face, her eyes clear and dark as calm water, and he wondered what he’d gotten himself into.

* * *

(This piece is the finale to an ongoing serial story. You can catch up on the plot or start from the beginning via the Serials page. If you liked this work, please consider purchasing one of my other stories, or some of my music for your collection. 🙂 )


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